Cartoons about Africa, Colonialism, Imperialism from Punch

Old Year's Party. The Four Great Powers. "Ooh-er."

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Big Cuts Punch Punch Magazine cartoons black & white black and white B&W B/W history historical politics political 1930s Thirties 1938 Britain Great Britain UK United Kingdom England British English WW2 WWII World War 2 World War II World War Two Second World War France French Germans Germany Adolf Hitler Hitler dictators dictatorships Nazis Nazism Fascists Fascism Totalitarian Totalitarianism Nazi Party Third Reich Benito Mussolini Mussolini Italy Italians Neville Chamberlain Prime Ministers politicians Tory Party Tories Conservative Party Conservatives Punch cartoons Europe European history European affairs Edouard Daladier Great Powers Four Powers Christmas Christmas trees Christmas presents Christmas gifts presents gifts Appeasement international relations international community imperialism imperialist colonialism colonialist expansionism expansionist German Empire British Empire Italian Empire French Empire rearmament Danzig Gdansk Djibouti Tunis Memel Greater Germany Pan-Germanism Poland Lithuania Suez Canal Corsica Lebensraum weapons guns planes aircraft airplanes armed services armed forces tanks toys international committments arms armaments diplomacy children greedy boys little boys candles trade pacts trade agreements employment butter artillery big guns arms production weapons production Ukraine South America interventionism interventionist Declaration of Lima 1938 foreign intervention North Africa Tunisia Suez tolls arms races wars conflicts territorial aggression German expansionism Italian expansionism Polish Corridor Danzig Corridor Gdansk Corridor Giclee prints posters gifts hi-res downloads licensing
Old Year's Party. The Four Great Powers. "Ooh-er."