Bernard Partridge Cartoons

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Cartoons from Punch magazine by Bernard Partridge.

Knighted in 1925, Sir Bernard Partridge was simply one of the finest political cartoonists ever to grace the pages of Punch, and therefore the world. His style was a simplifying of Sir John Tenniel's fine cross hatching, with thicker but no less detailed expression into dramatic and epic statements. This successful progression of tone in Punch was in no small part due to Partridge having been a theatre actor of renown who knew and painted many portraits of Henry Irving, one of England's greatest stage actors.

His bold and rousing images span a career of over 50 years and his WW1 political cartoons are not only the best of propaganda from that time, but also often chillingly and brutally observed, which nearly a hundred years on are still fresh and hard hitting. If one were to pick just two definitive examples from Punch magazine, it would surely be a Tenniel cartoon from the Victorian era and a Partridge cartoon from the Twentieth Century.
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