Cartoons on Sex, Sexism, Relationships and Family from Punch

"Herbert, don't disturb your father!"

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Punch Magazine cartoons Punch B&W B/W black & white black and white twentieth century 20th century Thirties 1930s Britain Great Britain United Kingdom UK England English British 1935 social classes class working classes working-classes family families parents children child siblings brothers sisters mothers fathers boys girls consideration considerate disturbances disturbing annoyances annoying parenthood resting baby babies arguing arguments fights fighting interiors homes houses ironing housewife housewives irons housework noisy noise aprons music musicians leisure pasttimes musical instruments bugles brass instruments newspapers reading readers ballroom dancing ballroom dancers dancers dancing squabbling pets cats animals kitchens boy scouts scouts airers ceiling airers pulley airers clothes airers kitchen maid airers couples marriages relationships smoking smokers pipe smokers pipes cigarettes laundry laundry baskets axes tools respect respectfulness chairs furniture tables chopping parenting woman women man men teenagers young man young men young woman young women kindling practising kitchen tables tablecloths waistcoats crowded kitchen chairs harried wallpapers bare lightbulbs lightbulbs crying squabbles toddlers small children little children small child little child little boys small boys cigarette smokers home life family life dance seated sitting sitting down emotions emotional Giclee prints posters gifts hi-res downloads licensing Giclee prints posters gifts hi-res downloads licensing
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"Herbert, don't disturb your father!"